1. Things you should know

1.1. For the Starter

  • Security and Control over accounts and funds: No one can access your funds unless you let them, intentionally, or unintentionally. With the power to be independent from 3rd parties, comes the responsibility to protect what belongs to you.

  • Can interact with people directly: With Graphene it becomes possible to interact with people directly without needing to go through a middleman. Hence, Graphene is a platform of free speech that implements a payment platform and exchange for digital goods.

  • Fast: Transactions in Graphene are verified and irrevocable in only a few seconds time.

  • Decentralized Committee: Decisions that can effect the Graphene ecosystem are made using a on-chain committee voted upon by shareholders. Hence, no single entity can change the deal retroactively.

  • Flexible: Protocol upgrades (formerly known as hard forks) can be implemented and executed to improve the Graphene business over time and allow to react on.

1.2. For the Investor

  • Become GPH Holder: If you buy GPH either from a partner exchange or from the DEX, you become a GPH Holder of the Graphene decentralized business and as such can take a cut of its profits and participate in votes for future directions.

  • Expenses: Vote for expenses of the business and hire workers to do important tasks for Graphene.

  • Leaders: Participate in political decisions by voting for committee members that represent your views!

  • Protocol upgrades: Improve the technology, integrate new features and adept legal and regulative changes by voting for upgrades.

  • Decision making for a profit: Take part in decision finding about fair pricing models for transaction fees to a) increase growth and b) make Graphene profitable for its shareholders